LQ to LQ: Call Signal Triggered by VOX

This will allow VOX on an LQ port to trigger a call signal in a channel to which it is assigned.


Connect to the LQ CCM in your preferred web browser:

  1. Navigate to the 'Device' tab and select the LQ unit from the drop down menu in the top left.

  2. Next, click 'Ports' and select the port for which you would like VOX to trigger the call signal from.

  3. Under Port Settings > VOX, select your desired ‘VOX Mode' and Delay and Threshold settings. (VOX input status can be tested here by observing the Status “LED”)

  4. From the ‘VOX Action Triggers’ drop down menu, select ‘Call Control Event’.

  5. Navigate to the ‘Assignments’ tab and add this port - and also any ports for which you would like the call signal to be received on - to the same channel.

A call signal will now be received on all ports in this channel when the VOX is activated on the port selected in step 2. (The status of the 'Call Control Event' can be observed in the top right hand corner of the channel in the 'Assignments' tab).