Matrix: How do I configure Routes in EHX?

Control and Route Config Example

  1. Configure the Routes in EHX. As an example, Route 1 below means Dante 1 will talk and listen to PL1 when active. You can use many different combinations of Origins, Targets and route actions.


2. Configure the Controls and attach the Route to each control

3. Assign the Controls to GPIs - if you want to trigger the Control via a GPI


4. Assign the Control as a TALK key on to a panel – If you want to trigger the Control manually from a ClearCom panel. If you decide to trigger the Control from a panel, there are ways to assign the Control as a secondary action, which means if a key is pressed on a panel, it will trigger the Control as a secondary action. For instance, the example below shows when PL001 is latched, it will trigger CT001 as a secondary action.