How do I set up a Time Machines TM2000A as a Grand Master?

  1. Unbox the GPS PTP Time Server and place antenna near a window with visibility of the sky.
  2. Power on and ensure the Green POW LED lights.
  3. Wait until the Orange LOCK LED is solid and the SEC (seconds) indicator is flashing 1Hz. Check the antenna connection and GPS placement if no LOCK is seen.
  4. Connect LAN to the NETWORK connector (RJ45/8P8C). Set the PC's LAN to
  5. Sign in as username: admin, password tmachine:

  6. Click on the About tab. If the version is earlier than 0.3.4, download a later version from or

    To update, go to Update, and choose the extracted firmware file:

    The device will very quickly update and then take about five minutes of flashing LEDs and no web or ping activity then restart - the unit straight from the factory started pinging again, showed LOCK, then lost ping and then came back. If possible, make sure the file upload state goes to 100% and leave the unit for seven minutes. On your return, the SEC indicator should be flashing again.

    Go back to About to verify the version has increased.
  7. Go to the PTP Config tab and change Unicast to Multicast:


    Priority 1 and 2 to a number less than 127.
    Post-Holdover Behavior to Update Clock Class to 52
    Log Announce Interval to 1
    Log Sync Interval to -1
    Log Min Delay Request Interval to 0
    Log Min PDelay Request Interval to 2
    Submit changes

  8. We will not be using NTP so go to NTP Config and select Stop, then Submit:
  9. Set the IP address as needed on the System Settings tab:
  10. Verify that devices have clocked to this unit by using PTP TrackHound or EHX > Monitoring > select IPT > check the address of Master ID. This unit will have a MAC that starts with 40-BD-32. Clear-Com devices begin 00-0E-98.


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