Agent-IC License Duration

This provides information on duration of Agent-IC licenses for Eclipse and LQ and is current as of 2021Q3.

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Clear-Com has sold Agent-IC licenses for Eclipse and LQ systems in two different ways;

Permanent / Perpetuity Licenses that are valid as long as the product is supported by Clear-Com.
Permanent licenses sold under the part number Agent-IC, Agent-IC-HX, Agent-IC-LQ and Agent-IC8-LQ were publicly offered by Clear-Com in the period 2015-2021Q1. These licenses will continue to be considered to be Permanent / Perpetuity licenses as they were sold, covered under Clear-Com’s standard support terms.

Subscription Licenses for Agent-IC were introduced between 2020Q3 and 2021Q2.
Subscription licenses sell the application and first year of support for Agent-IC (with part numbers; A-IC-HX-1Y, A-IC-HX8-1Y, A-IC-LQ-1Y, A-IC-LQ8-1Y) on the various third-party hardware and operating systems used.
The support is then extended (with part numbers; A-IC-HX-ADD1Y, A-IC-HX8-ADD1Y, A-IC-LQ-ADD1Y, A-IC-LQ8-ADD1Y) for as many years, one-by-one or by purchasing multiple years in one purchase.
The purpose of the migration to Subscription licenses is to provide additional ongoing software support for the third party platforms which Agent-IC operates on and are ever-evolving with annual Operating System and Hardware updates which are out of Clear-Com’s control.

Agent-IC Subscription License Duration

Subscription licenses are valid for the duration of the Initiation license and any Extension (additional years) that may have been purchased up-front or over time. Validity of the Agent-IC license starts at the date the license is invoiced by Clear-Com and shipped (via shipment or email). The license validity can be extended to provide allowance for the license to be shipped to and get applied by the customer.

For situations that require specific activation dates due to scheduled commissioning etc please contact your regional sales manager and ensure such information is included on the Purchase Order and corresponding Clear-Com Sales Order.

Unlike Agent-IC, Station-IC Subscription License duration is initiated when the customer applies the license to the computer running Station-IC. This article applies to Agent-IC ONLY.

Future Developments

Subscription licenses, their delivery, management etc. should be expected to further develop in the future with advanced and easy-to-use solutions, automated renewals and reports.



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