How do I use Agent-IC as an IFB receiver and intercom panel?

I would like to provide my field reporter with both IFB and intercom on their cell phone using Agent-IC


  1. Create IFB's in the usual way in EHX
  2. Place the IFB label(s) on the reporters phone.  You can place multiple IFB's on the same phone.  Only program the listen labels
  3. Right-click the label and select "destination listen"
  4. The reporter can select which IFB they wish to listen to by activating the listen key on their phone for the desired IFB
    1. Alternatively, you may choose to assign this as a Force Listen by right-clicking the listen assignment and selecting Assignment > Force Listen. 
  5. Add any other intercom keys to the phone
  6. Place the IFB keys on the director's panel in the usual way.