Powering a FSII Splitter or Transceiver (TCVR) with a Battery

Let’s assume you are going to run a fiber connection from the base station to a FSII-Splitter (FSII-SPL).

The FSII-SPL has a female DIN connector

Make a Male Locking DIN Connector

To power the splitter, you will need to make a power cable with a male circular locking DIN connector.

  • Attached you will find the female DIN connector datasheet.

  • You will need a male locking to match, and the pinout is also attached here.

Power Source

For power, 2 car batteries wired in series should work and give you ~24 hours+ of operation time.

The FSII-SPL takes 24V 180mA. Each TCVR pulls between 110 and 300mA depending on how long the cable is. Use 24awg to reduce cable losses, for which we spec 100m max, which is very much on the safe side.

So the worst case is about 1.7A for 16 hours, which is about 27Amp-Hours at 24V.

The average car battery is ~50AH, so two wired in series should easily do it..