Matrix: Question about (Party Line) PL groups in a linked system

When we have fiber interconnected systems (frames), can we have a Party-Line created in system A, used by system B with resources from system B, as if the party-line was created locally in system B? I.e. If the resource is manipulated by Dynam-EC. Is there a difference between creating the local or remote Party-Line?

 Answer: When matrices are merged together into one linked project, they become one system

i.e. all matrices share the same 399 PLs system limit.

Each PL is given a unique global number therefore to make it easier to understand where the PL is hosted we recommend for networked systems that you allocate PLs per matrix


matrix #1  allocated  PL 1-20

matrix #2  allocated  PL 21-40

matrix #3  allocated  PL 41-60



*Even if you do not create (or use)  all 20 PLs on a matrix from an Admin point of view it is easier to manage

**if importing a map into an existing config , be aware that you will need to manage the global numbers of the new config , to ensure they do not conflict with existing PLs

Because the Partylines are a global resource when adding or deleting members of a PL – ensure to download to the Matrix where the added /deleted members come from


PL#1 is hosted in Matrix #1

Port 5, 6 from matrix # 4 are added to the PL #1

You need to ensure that a download (apply map) is made to matrix #4