Does the V-Series Aux LS Output Follow the Main Speaker?

I am wiring the Auxiliary L/S output of a V-series panel to a presenter’s in-ear feed, but I am also muting the loudspeaker via a GPI when they go live on air. It appears that muting the panel loudpseaker (L/S) also mutes the Auxiliary L/S out of the D25 connector on the back. If I want to mute the panel L/S yet have the matrix audio coming out of the D25 on the rear, do I have to use the Ext 1 output rather than an Aux L/S output? Will the Ext 1 output level be high enough to drive a speaker? 
Solution : Yes the Aux L/S output of the v-series panel does follow the main speaker,  in terms of DIM and cut. 
>> Yes, you can use the EXT1 connection on the panel instead. The EXT1 connection provides a line level (0dB) output ... so you will need a distribution amp or powered speaker. Make the necessary audio settings in the Panel's DSP mixer.