Other: What products require IEC or Fig 8 AC leads

I am wondering if there is a list anywhere of whatClear-Com items need power leads sent with them.Our power leads ship separately outside the box and Ijust wondered if there was a list anywhere so I can ensure each time I am shippinga power lead if needed and whether it’s a IEC or a figure of 8 that is needed?

MS704/MS702 – IEC PS702/PS704 – IEC  Helixnet HMS-4X- IEC Helixnet HRM – IEC Speaker station – has own wall wart adaptor DX410/DX210 – fig 8DX – battery charger – fig 8BAT50 - has own wall wart adaptor  FSII base – IEC FS charger – fig 8Antenna – IEC Splitter – IECFSII BP – single USB (phone style) charger - has own wall wartadaptor  BUT !! must be ordered it no longer comes as standard with FSIIBP Matrix (Pico/ Delta/ Median/ Omega ) 2x IECAll Panels – IEC LQ-throw down – has own wall wart adaptor LQ-rack – fig 8