IP CON: what is the delay between a LQ GPI on and active GPO

Here are the test results for the LQ GPI -> GPO delay (latency): testedon a local switch and not taking into account any long network latency
- 60 ms between 2 LQ in a link group (± 8ms)
- 57 ms between 2 ports in one LQ (± 8ms)
- no variation regarding GPO from 0->1 versus 1->0 (means the samelatency happens for GPIO rising vs. falling)
- the test equipment needed for these measurements also allowed the "GPOoff delay" to be tested precisely as well. Result: Accuracy is good (butthe user must also add the inherent 60 ms latency to any GPO delay setting aswell as any network )
Q:At what point do GPOs start getting dropped (when GPIs come in too fast)?
Result: If GPIs are spaced 310 ms or more, the GPOs don't get dropped/lost.This means the rate of GPOs is the same as for GPIs except if they are spacedless than 310 ms apart. The smaller the spacing, the more GPOs are dropped.