Logic Maestro: How to permanently enable the Mic On button on a V-Panel

Question:  I need to permanently enable the Mic on button for a V-Panel for hands free operation.  Can I permanently enable this button on the panel using Logic Maestro? 
Answer:  Using Logic Maestro the user can enable specific V-Panel functions that can be controlled via a control label activation or by use of a Logic Maestro latch logic.  In this specific case the Mic On button on a V-panel can be permanently latched "ON" by using the logic diagram shown below: 

From the Logic Maestro main screen drag in Panel Control and Latch symbols and link the two items together, use the (Q) output
In the Panel Control right click and set the following options:
a.  Microphone Mute
b.  Permanent Override of Local
c.  pull in to the "add panel" the specific V-Series panel that will be controlled
Save the LM diagram, activate it and download the change to the frame, the MIC ON button should be lit, pressing it will no longer toggle it on / off.