Logic Maestro: How to disable all panel speakers with a control label activation

Question:  I have approximately 6 panels located in the control room of a TV station control room.  The panel operators use both gooseneck mics and headsets in daily use.  The problem with this is sometimes the speaker volumes get too loud and this results in a feedback issue.  As the director I would like the ability to temporarily mute all panel speakers by pressing a single button at my panel.  Is this possible?  Will it affect the operation of headsets at the panels? 
Answer:  Your request can be handled using Logic Maestro.  It would provide the ability to mute the speaker outputs but still allow the other control room panels the ability to communicate with each other using headsets.  The director panel can be fitted with a control label titled "Speaker Kill" to activate / deactivate the speaker mute activation.  A tally can also be set to warn the other control panel users that the speaker mute is active.  See the diagram below to see a sample Logic Maestro diagram setup. 

From Logic Maestro pull into the work area a Control IP module and two Panel Control modules.  Connect as shown in the diagram,
enable the functions as shown in the two panel modules (tally indication, loudspeaker cut, activation mode).  Add the panels required a label that will show the tally indication. 
On the Control IP module add the control label (Spkr Kill for example name). 
Save the Logic Maestro diagram, activate the Logic diagram with a check mark. 
Place the "Spkr Kill" control label on the director's panel, then initiate a download in ECS. 
Every time the director activates this key the other panels speakers in the control room with be muted and a tally will be seen on panels indicating the panels speakers are muted.