How can I make an adaptor from a 4 pin to a 5 pin headset?

Pin 1 is mic ground (-)Pin 2 is mic hot     (+)Pin 3 is ear low     (-)Pin 4 is ear hot     (+)  (left)Pin 5 is used on  a 5-pin, binaural headset for the 2nd  (right) channel (+)
When making an adaptor from Clear-Com to RTS, leave pin 5 floating, in the case of a single ear headset, but do not short pins 4 and 5 to get the 2nd earcup the same audio that is on pin 4 to the first earcup. This will cause havoc in the amplifier and distort the entire PL channel. Use V-Pak for Clear-Com 600 series BPs, or open the RTS BP325 and set the listen for MONO.
The Clear-Com headsets ship standard with a 4 pin female XLR and RTS ships with a standard 5 pin male, so ,make your adaptors accordingly.RTS BP-325 STEREO Headset Connectorpin #UseThe Microphone Input is unbalanced, making
the "mic signal low" actually signal ground. The circuit design supports a balanced condition by cutting a trace on the PCB but should only be used with headsets that have balanced wiring. 1mic signal lowShield/Low2mic signal high 3ear signal low 4ear signal left 5ear signal right