2015 NAB FAQs - Clear-Com Agent-IC (Part I)

 These were the most frequently asked questions regarding Clear-Com Agent-IC at NAB 2015 (Part I of II):

Applies to Agent-ICconnecting to Eclipse -HX 9.1 or earlier versions
  1. How do I set up Agent-IC?1) Configure IVC-32-HX network settings and VirtualAgent-IC Panel within EHX.2) Download and install the “Agent-IC” App from iTunesStore.... and now from GOOGLE PLAY for Android3) Configure IVC-32-HX IP/Port and user credentialswithin Agent-IC application and connect.
  2. What EHX software version do I need?Version 8.5+ or higher. 
  3. How do I program keys onto my iPad / iPhone?The panel programming screen in EHX is used to configureAgent IC keys. The process is the same as Panels and FSII beltpacks.  
  4. What type of Wi-Fi connection / network requirements do I need?The Agent-IC application supports either Wi-Fi, 3G, or4G/LTE connectivity. 
  5. What is the costfor the App / License?The App store client download is free. Each user license forthe matrix IVC-32-HX card is $350. If the matrix card has 10 licenses then anynumber of iPhone uses can download from the App store but at any one time only10 can connect. The 11th and onward will get a warning message that no licenseis available. 
  6. What version of iPhone/ iPad IOS do I need to use Agent-IC?Version IOS 8.0+ is required to run Agent-IC...again,  newer versions now also support Android 
  7. Is there a remote mic kill option for Agent-IC?Not yet. However, this feature request has beencommunicated to Clear-Com’s Product Development team. 
  8. Can I break out the audio from the phone / tablet via a 4-wirecable?Yes, you could use the 3.5mm Jack to break out theMic/Speaker (input/output). 
  9. Is there a vibrate function on call signal?Yes.  
  10. What are thehardware requirements to use the Agent-IC app?Currently, any iDevice that supports IOS 8.0+...and now, Andriod also 
  11. Do I need anexternal server to operate Agent-IC on Eclipse EHX?No external server is required. 
  12. Does the Agent-ICapp provide a keypad dial out capability to a TEL-14 interface?Not yet. However, this feature request has beencommunicated to Clear-Com’s Product Development team. 
  13. Can I install 100Agent-IC apps on a Eclipse frame?The only limitation is the number of IVC-32 ports presenton an Eclipse Frame. There is no limit to the number of Agent-IC apps that canexist within a venue / organization. 
  14. What is the latencyof Agent-IC on the network?The latency is dependent on the network and isasymmetrical and dependent on what system setting. A set of figures will bereleased at product launch. 
  15. How many keys can Iget on a iPhone and or iPad tablet?Tablet devices provide 15 intercom keys on a single pageand smart phones provide up to 4 pages of 5 keys. 
  16. How are theAgent-IC keys mapped / layout on a iPhone or iPad tablet?Either top-down or left-to-right cascading downwarddepending on the resolution of the host iDevice.


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