Matrix: Multiple wall mount panels all hear each other when a user talks on one on my EHX system

Question:  I have an Eclipse HX system that is utilizing 3 V-Series panels and 12 KB-701 panels with EB7-4W
4-wire cards.  I've built party-lines so that the V-Series panels can talk to groups of panels, but I have a problem
in that when the KB panels respond back to the calling V-Panel all the other KB panels hear the response and
we don't want that to happen. 
Answer:  The KB-701 wall mount panels are in reality not panels but interfaces with a talk button.  If you create
multiple party-lines in EHX software and drop the KB-701s in them as permanent members then they don't have
any way to selectively hear other KB-701s when the KB user initiates an outbound call. 
A better way to group KB-701s would be to use fixed groups, this would allow the KB panel users not to hear
other KB panels when one of the KBs is talking out to the V-panels on the system. 
A fixed group call goes to the members of that fixed group, users responding to the fixed group call only can talk
back to the caller that initiated the talk to the fixed group.