2015 NAB FAQs - Clear-Com EHX 8.5

These were the most frequently asked questions regarding Clear-Com EHX 8.5 at NAB 2015: 
If Lawo has 56 channels, will the user lose some channels because Clear-Com MADI cards support up to 64?Yes, only the first 56 channels can be used.
Lawo supports redundancy, will matrix support that over Clear-Com MADI? With MADI, how do data get transferred?Eclipse-HX does not currently support redundant MADI channels.  
How similar is the new IFB setup workflow compared to pre-8.5 versions?
We have incorporated the earlier operation such that if a port is ticked as an IFB port it is transferred to the virtual IFB list automatically. Earlier 8.0 maps are converted to the new IFB scheme.
In reference to IFB on a tablet, will there be some latency?Operation is responsive on a LAN connection. However, RF black spots will temporarily affect latency.  
If user is out of Wi-Fi coverage, will the system be out of sync?The system can move from one Wi-Fi network to another. This prevents it from being out of synch.
Does the system have any indicator of being out of the network?As you level coverage the audio will be degraded until the device finally time-out the connection.
Can you monitor audio on a PC?Yes you can.