Partyline: Can I disable the termination on a PK-7 power supply?

Question:  I would like to add a PK-7 to an existing party-line system that is being powered by a MS-702 main station.  When I connect the PK-7 to the system the audio level drops noticeably so I'm thinking the system is double terminated.  Does the PK-7 have a termination set on it and if so can I disable it?

Answer: Yes the PK-7 does have an internal 200 ohm termination permanently set on it.  The termination cannot be turned off, so if it is to be used along with a MS-702 main station the termination for the channel the PK-7 is plugged into at the MS-702 should be set to the "off" position as the PK-7 is now providing the termination for that channel. 
PK-7 output channel termination location:


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