WTR-670- and 680 / WBS-670- and 680 ... B4 group and E88 group

Q: There are 3 functional wireless coms (WTR-680) spread out over 2 WBS-680s.  I have another three com packs that are unused and the only difference is their frequency. Functional coms operate on 668-685 and the out of commission ones are 470 - 487. I was curious if I could somehow get all of these coms back into play. Is it possible to have two separate frequency bands talk to each other that way? 
A:  Sounds like you have radios that are operating on two different channel groups which typically require two different transmitters/receivers.  668-685 MHz is the B4 group while 470 – 487 MHz is the E88 group. To start you’ll need to identify which base is the E88 base for the E88 beltpacs. Then determine why the beltpacs are not talking to the base. The beltpacs and the bases are paired for each group but you can still talk across the groups by making a physical connection by way of cable between each base per channel. Also, I should mention that the 600 MHz band will no longer be legal to use for your WBS radios on July 13, 2020. It was sold off by the FCC to T-Mobile. In some locations the spectrum is already being saturated by their usage.


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