HelixNet: Connecting Helixnet Base to DX210 Wireless Base via 4-wire

HelixNet Four-wire connection to the DX210 Wireless Base Station
To connect a HelixNet Party-line system with a DX210 base station (BS210), using a four-wire connection:
1. On the HMS-4X Main Station, configure the Module Settings for the Four-wire interface module.
2. Connect the HMS-4X Main Station and the DX210 base station (BS210), using four-wire AUDIO crossover CAT5 cabling.
(NOTE - Only the audio pairs are needed to be crossed over on the CAT-5 cable from HelixNet to DX210, see the diagram below for pin out information)
RJ45 connectors are located:
• On the HMS-4X Main Station Four-wire interface module.
• On the back panel (rear) of the DX210 base station (BS210).
3. Adjust the In / Out volume levels, using the DX210 front panel display.
4. Adjust the In / Out volume levels, using the HelixNet Base Menu / Module Settings / 4-Wire / Input Gain and Output Gain rotary controls if necessary.





Helixnet 4wire-RJ45 pin 3 (Audio out +)

DX210 4wire RJ45 pin 4 (Audio in +)

Helixnet 4wire-RJ45 pin 6 (Audio out -)

DX210 4wire RJ45 pin 5 (Audio in -)



Helixnet 4wire-RJ45 pin 4 (Audio in +)

DX210 4wire RJ45 pin 3 (Audio out +)

Helixnet 4wire-RJ45 pin 5 (Audio in -)

DX210 4wire RJ45 pin 6 (Audio out -)

This 4wire AUDIO crossover cable can also be used for the following connections

  • Helixnet base to Tempest wireless basestation 

  • Helixnet base to CellCom / FreeSpeak wireless basestation