HelixNet PL: Can I attach a relay to the Stage Announce button activation?

Question:  I'm configuring a HelixNet 4 channel base station so that when I press the Stage Announce (SA) button I can get an associated relay closure to take place.  In the menus I can setup relay activations with the Talk or Call keys for channels 1 through 4.  The SA and All Talk keys are not listed, is this correct?  Is there an option to program the SA key activation with a relay closure? 
Answer:  Unfortunately the only available keys on the front panel programming of the HelixNet base station running version 1.0 firmware that allow the user to stack a relay onto are the Call and and Talk keys for each of the 4 channels.  The upcoming HelixNet 1.1 firmware release will have the capability of assigning one of the base station's onboard relays to the the Stage Announce button.