ECS: When I run the ECS 524 configuration.exe file (self running) on Win 64bit machine it cannot start and pops up an exception error

Answer: The standard client installer for ECS 524 is not designed to run in 64bit machinesTo run ECS 524 on a 64bit machine you need to use the ECS 524 configuration.exe file , this file is self running and creates a virtual machine in the background. 
If when starting the ECS 524 configuration,exe file you get an exception error on start-up. 
Please try the following On your PC, search your hard-drive for "xenocode" and delete all the subfolders you find in the xenocode folderXenocode is the virtual machine that the exe file creates, its possible that one of the sub folders has got corrupted. Deleting the sub folders and re-starting the exe file will create new folders and ECS 524 should start normally