IP Products: Can I remotely connect RTS beltpacks back to an Eclipse HX frame?

Yes, a user can support a limited number of RTS BP-325 beltpacks remotely from an Eclipse HX frame by using LQ throw down interface boxes.  The user will connect a LQ-4W2 interface at the Eclipse Matrix end and use a LQ-2W2 interface at the remote location.  The power supply at the LQ-2W2 can power a limited number of BP-325 beltpacks or the user can use a RTS power supply to power the remote beltpacks / user stations. 

When setting up this connection, care must be taken to configure the port in the EHX software correctly. This is because, in this case, the port must be declared as a CCI-22 device as the port detection device on the LQ will recognize it as such.
1) From the EHX software, navigate to EHX/System/Cards and Ports.
2) Select the MVX card port.
3) Select a CCI-22 device from the list.
4) It is advisable to label the port as an LQ 4-wire device to avoid confusion.
The connection between the MVX analog port card and the LQ device is a 4-wire connection, even though it is declared as a 2-wire connection.
On the LQ web browser screen set the port function to RTS on Channel A, this will automatically set Channel B to RTS mode and loop the A and B channels on the interface box.