OTHER: What type of CAT5/6 cable do Clear-Com recommend

Clear-Com CAT5e/6a cable recommendations   Category (CAT) Higher CAT numbers will support a higher bandwidth. Therefore, by using a higher CAT number, you are future proofing your system to some extent.   Example:
  • Cat5: up to 1G
  • Cat6a: up to 10G.
  Use CAT5e or higher.   American Wire Guage (AWG)   The lower the AWG number, the less temperature rise there will be in the cable when using PoE. This is particularly important for bundles. Local building regulations may rule out the use of 26AWG or higher, depending on the installation. Check with your local building regulations.   Use AWG 24 or lower.   Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) or Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP)   Using shielded cable means less problems with interference from other sources. This means that your network will be more robust if you use shielded cables.   Overall Recommendation     Use CAT6a 23 AWG STP cable.