Logic Maestro: How to disable Loud Speaker cut on a V-Panel

Question:  I want the ability to disable the Loud Speaker cut control on a V-Panel (lock the speaker on so it can't be accidently pressed on by the panel operator when they are adjusting the volume levels).  Can this be done using Logic Maestro logic symbols in ECS?
Answer:  Enable Logic Maestro in ECS.  Follow these steps to lock the speaker LS cut on a V-Panel in the speaker permanently enabled mode:
1.  From the palette drag in the logic latch and panel control symbols into the main work area
2.  Connect the (Q) latch output to the panel control input
3.  Set panel control parameters as follows:
     a.  Loud Speaker cut
     b.  Permanent Override of Local
4.  Drag the specific V-panel from the left-hand side to the panel control symbol.  See diagram below.  

5.  Click on the "Simulate" button to verify the operation of the logic maestro diagram
6.  Click on "OK" to save the diagram, then set a check mark on the Enabled box and download to ECS.  
7.  Speaker on the selected V-Panel is now permanently enabled, pressing on the LS cut / volume control will have no effect