Term: What options does the Matrix +3 "Global Advanced" screen provide?

This Tab enables setting a number of advanced global parameters for a variety of system components like Stations, Interfaces, Groups, Controls and PartylinesThe Stations and Interfaces have the same set of global advanced feature setsParty-Line, Fixed Group and Control labels have limited Global Advanced feature sets (see screens in PGM-WIN software)

       Global Advanced Check Box List (Stations & Interfaces)Auto Listen - activates a talk from the destination back to the sourceLatch Disable - prevents a key from latchingAuto-Signal - sets a label for automatic call signallingGlobal IFB - allows stations or interfaces to function as an IFB (dimming functionality)Global ISO - allows for the creation of a private two-way talk path between station and destinationIn-Use Tally - causes the red led on a talk label to blink indicating the label is in use elsewhere in the systemHide Label - prevents the label from being assigned to a station
Solution update:ECS has similar functions avialable in the setup matrix hard >ports> advance setting screen.