Other : How do I make an Audio Crossover cable for Eclipse matrix / Clear-com systems

See attached document on the various Crossover cables that can be used on Clear-Com products 
Matrix-X-Over cable Audio-X-Over cable E1-X-Over cable 

Note: The Basic Audio-X-over cable can be used between - Two matrix MVX ports - Between Helixnet base and any Clear-Com Wireless basestation- Between any two Clear-Com Wireless basestations 

Example  Audio-X-over cable pin out
Connector 1 Connector 2 Pin 1 (Matrix RX Data +ve) No Connection Pin 2 (Matrix RX Data -ve) No Connection Pin 3 (Matrix Audio RX +ve) Pin 4 Pin 4(Matrix Audio TX +ve) Pin 3 Pin 5(Matrix Audio TX -ve) Pin 6 Pin 6 (Matrix Audio RX -ve) Pin 5 Pin 7 (Matrix TX Data +ve) No Connection Pin 8 (Matrix TX Data -ve) No Connection Screen Screen

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Microsoft Word Document CrossOverConnectors.docx CrossOverConnectors.docx

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