IP-COncert: Concert Clients having problems connecting to server because of Sentinel services running on client PC

We have some questions for the Concert system. Please give your help.

Environment (our client site) :The Concert server already installed to Virtual Machine on the Windows PC.The Concert client already install to the Windows PC x3.The connection between Concert Server and Client is VPN.
Problem:Sometimes, the Concert Client can't login to the Concert Server
Answer: From Clear-Com tech support Can you perform a constant ping test tothe Concert server from the PC which you  are trying to connect theConcert client from.    ping -n 1000 [concert-server-ip]     Latency should be<300ms   Example:   Reply from74.125.131.106: bytes=32 time=42msTTL=46                Also, can you take a screen shot of thefailure message on the Concert Client PC when it fails to log in

IF the ping test shows that theconnectivity to the server is OK (<300ms) do the following: 1.    Increase thelogging level in the client                 Config> General               Set Trace Level to "Verbose" 2.    Reproduce theissue 3.    Immediately graba snapshot from both the client and server                Client:                  Try to reproduce the issue                  Config > General                  Click Send Logs to Desktop                Server:                 Browse to the Concert Management Interface (CMI) and navigate to:                  System > Administration > Event Log                  Click Collect Logs                  Click OK                  Click [download]                  4.    Send both logfiles to Clear-Com  AND return the logging level back to default on both the client and server 
From Customer : We triedany investigation and found the cause of this issue.
Following security software service that installed to client PC encumbered thelogin behavior.
Sentinel Key Server / Safenet.inc
Sentinel Protection Server / Safenet.inc
Sentinel Security Runtime / Safenet.inc
We can stop these services so, stopped then it worked.