Digital Partyline: Can I connect the HelixNet Fibre Interface Module: HLI-FBS to a Ethernet switch?

The Helixnet fibre module HLI_FBS can be used in the following applications 
a) Connecting upto 3x Helixnet baestations together over fibre 
b) The HLI-FBS module can also connect to any Ethernet Switch with a SFP fibre port . This will allow the connection of Remote stations and Speaker Stations over longer distances than the normal 100m Ethernet limit . See attached sample connection diagram.
The HLI-FBS module contains two SFP cage slots. The module is supplied as standard with one transceiver fitted. Any 100BASE-X SFP can be connected.
Warning: Both ports are configured to bridge traffic from one port to the other in order to work in a daisy-chained configuration. Spanning Tree Protocol is not enabled on these ports, therefore do not connect them both to the same network.
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