HelixNet RJ45 to XLR Pinout:

HelixNet RJ-45 to XLR Pinout:
RJ45,       Color, XLR
Pin 1,       white/orange, Pin 1
Pin 2,       orange, Pin 1
Pin 3,       white/green, Pin 3
Pin 4,       blue, Pin 2
Pin 5,       white/blue, Pin 3
Pin 6,       green, Pin 2
Pin 7,       white/brown, Pin 3
Pin 8,       brown, Pin 2

XLR cableCAT5/6 cablePin 1Pin 1 and Pin 2Pin 2Pin 4, Pin 6 and Pin 8
Pin 3Pin 3, Pin 5 and Pin 7

Wire the Cable Screen/Shield/Drain wire to pin 1 or XLR Shell. Pin 1 of the XLR is connected to the internal GND of the HelixnetNote: Cable Shield/Drain should be connected to XLR pin 1 for shield continuity. And that’s not only true for Cat5/Cat6, it’s also true for all twisted pairs as well.Note: Clear-Com recommends the use of shielded twisted pair cabling.