PM PRo: Can I setup PM Pro to automatically load the .ccr file on start up?

Question:  Can I setup PM Pro to start with the designated .ccr file with one click? 
Answer:  Yes, this can be done easily with Windows 7 and 10 platforms.  Follow these steps to create a shortcut
using a designated  .ccr file for PM Pro:
1.)  Right click on empty section of PC desktop, select "New" and select "Shortcut".
2.)  Wizard opens, browse to select location of the designated .ccr file location and then click "OK"
3.)  Click on Next, rename shortcut as needed and click on "Finish".
4.)  Right click on the new shortcut icon, select "Open With"
5.)  From the the dialog screen select "Browse" and find the executable  .exe file for PM Pro (most installs it will be:
      C:\Program Files\ClearCom\Production Maestro8.7\ProductionMaestro.exe) and then click on "Open"
6.)  Set checkmark on "Always use selected program to open this kind of file".  Click "OK" to finish.  Shortcut is now
      ready to use.