Matrix: How do I connect a Panasonic HCU200 CCU to an Eclipse frame MVX port?

Question:  I need to connect a Panasonic HCU200 camera CCU to my Eclipse frame.  Can this be done and if so what are the
pin outs from the Matrix frame to the camera CCU? 
Answer:  Yes this can be done, the Matrix frame 4-wire ports can be connected to the HCU200 as a 4-wire direct.
Select "4W" and either INCOM1 or INCOM2 from the rear panel switches on the HCU200 camera CCU.  The chart
below will show the wiring scheme from the HCU200 to the Matrix frame MVX-A16 port. 

The detailed chart for channels 1 and 2 is attached below as a PDF. 
  File Modified

PDF File HCU200 to Matrix RJ45.vsd.pdf HCU200 to Matrix RJ45.vsd.pdf

Apr 06, 2019 by Administrator