Partyline: Wiring diagram IF4W4 to Panasonic AG-BS300PE CCU

Question:  Can you help me figure out how to connect a Panasonic AG-BS300PE camera control unit to a
Clear-Com party-line intercom system?  Do I need an interface unit to make the connection?

Answer:  The best way to bring in the camera control unit audio into the Clear-Com 2-wire unbalanced
intercom system would be to use the 4-wire audio feeds from the camera control unit and convert them
into unbalanced 2-wire intercom using the Clear-Com IF4W4 interface.  See below for a wiring diagram
for the IF4W4 to the Panasonic CCU and the DB-9 IC connector on the Panasonic AG-BS300PE.

AG-BS300PE DB-9 connector on the camera control unit: