Partyline: Is There a USB to RS-232 serial adapter that works with Clear-Com Product?

For PC users that don't have a dedicated RS-232 9-pin serial port that need to program various Clear-Com product like V-Pack programming software used by RS-600 series beltpacks or the RSC-WIN programming software for the RSC-2700 the use of a USB to Serial Port adapter is required. 
The adapters are relatively inexpensive (around $30 USD) and convert a standard USB port on a laptop PC for use with products  requiring an RS-232 serial com port.USB to RS232 adaptors are readily available from most computer stores.

Try to purchase a USB to RS-232 adaptor that has a FDTI chipset. 

  • IOGear makes a reliable unit, model #GUC232A that has worked with many Clear-Com products such as Matrix +3, CellCom, Eclipse, Drake-cmapsi, RCS-2000/ 2700 and RS-600 beltpacks.