Matrix: Can I setup a wireless connection for an IP enabled V-Series panel?

Question:  I would like to setup one IP enabled V-Series panel via a WiFi wireless link back to the IVC-32 card in the Eclipse frame.  What do I need to make this happen with my Eclipse system?
Answer:  In order to set up an Eclipse frame with an IVC-32 card and IP enabled V-Series panels to support a remote IP panel via wireless link the following will need to be added to the system (simple diagram below, detailed drawing attached below):
A.  Wireless Router attached to the Eclipse frame / IVC-32 card
B.  Wireless Internet adapter connected to the remote IP enabled V-Series panel (for example a Netgear WNCE2001)
With the proper setup the IP panel becomes a wireless IP panel. 
Note that the panel latency may increase using this type of setup and that the IP panel connection type may need to be adjusted in order to get the best possible audio link between wireless IP panels and panels directly connected to the frame via MVX-A16 ports and or IVC-32 card.

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