IP Products: Do you have a product that replaces the Voice2 interfaces for Eclipse panels?

Question:  We have several Voice2 interfaces that we are considering taking out of service due to obsolescence,
they were supplying remote V-Series panel connections to a remote studio.  Do you have a newer product that
can supply remote panel connections via IP for up to 4 V-Series panels?
Answer:  The LQ series interfaces can directly replace the Voice2 remote panel connections.  LQ comes in several
versions, the 4-wire version comes in a 1RU 2 channel / port throw down box that can support connections to two
V-Series panels remotely. 
There are also 1RU rack mount versions that can support up to 4 remote ports to V-Panels (LQ-2W4-4W4) and
8 remote ports to V-Panels (LQ-4W8). 

Note:  LQ interfaces require version 3.0 firmware in order to make V-Series panel connections.