ICON: How much bandwidth does Agent IC-LQ connected to Helixnet use

I have connected my LQ device to a Helixnet HMS-4X. I have several Agent IC clients configured on my LQ unit to talk across the Helixnet channels. How much data bandwidth is use by the Agent IC client  For Helixnet BPs and Remote stations connected to a Helixnet mainstation IP data bandwidth HBP-2X and HKB-2X send 1 stream when Talking, can receive up to 4 simultaneous streams (Loudest) = 300kbs to HMS, up to 1.2Mbps from HMS For Agent IC clients via LQ to Helixnet use the same bandwidth data  LQ to Agent-IC: 4*300kbps = 1.2MbpsAgent-IC to LQ: 300kbps