HelixNet PL: Can I treat the HelixNet PL power lines out to beltpacks the same way as analog PL lines?

The HelixNet base station Power Lines used for the connection of the HelixNet beltpacks can be treated the same way as analog party-lines, that is they can be split using a SP-3 line splitter or the power line can be routed to a 3-pin XLR breakout box.  
The rules remain the same in regards to the number of HelixNet beltpacks supported on a single power line (10 BPs maximum) and length on the power line cable, this is dependent on the type of cable used on the HelixNet power line. 
HelixNet beltpacks can be configured in a daisy chain, star or tree configuration from the power line. You can also loop power line #1 back to itself at the basestation ,(fly back cabnle)  so that if there is a break in the cabling between beltpacks , the beltpacks downstream of the break do not drop out but remain powered on
The only restriction is that you cannot loop (connect) Power line #1 cables  to a Power line # 2 cable