Partyline: Is the MS-232/MS-440 internal power supply unit available as a replacement part?

Question:  Can the internal PSU on the MS-440 be ordered as a replacement part?  I have a defective unit and the PSU is labelled Mean Well S-60-30, I've looked online and the part appears to be obsolete.  I looked at the service manual for the MS-440 and it lists the part number of the PSU as 400013Z, is this part still available?

Answer:  The Mean Well S-60-30 PSU is no longer available, the replacement PSU is the current PSU unit for the MS-702 and MS-704 main stations, the part number for this PSU is 400022Z.
Contact Clear-Com service department for installation options as this is not a direct replacement part, some wiring changes are necessary to fit this part into a MS-440 base station.