Station-IC: What is CodeMeter WebAdmin ("Advanced License Management") ?

This article refers to client hosted licensing of Station-IC, a licensing option where the license is contained on the same computer as Station-IC.

This article does not refer to the alternative Permanent Eclipse Hosted License option.

When used for Station-IC, WebAdmin is only intended for information display and support.

No settings or configuration changes in WebAdmin or CodeMeter should be made without instructions from Clear-Com or consultation with Clear-Com Support.

WebAdmin operation is not required for normal operation of Station-IC and CodeMeter.

CodeMeter, software application acting as a license container, includes the WebAdmin local server interface to the CodeMeter which includes advanced license information and various configuration options.

CodeMeter WebAdmin / Advanced License Management

CodeMeter additionally runs a local webserver on the computer ( called WebAdmin. WebAdmin includes, amongst other things, detailed information about the license container installed license(s).

WebAdmin can be accessed via:

  • Station-IC - Settings by Launching “Advanced License Management”

  • CodeMeter - WebAdmin button
    Either method will open WebAdmin in the computers default browser.

Where to open WebAdmin

WebAdmin - Dashboard view

WebAdmin’s Dashboard gives information about name, IP address, OS and version numbers.

WebAdmin - Dashboard view

WebAdmin - License Container view

By default the WebAdmin displays the license container with information about any installed licenses and their validly.

WebAdmin - License Container detail view

WebAdmin - License detail view

Further license information van be viewed by clicking the product code hyperlink of the installed license. This view will show the user detailed expiration date, license quantity and the License Ticket ID that the license originates from. License Ticket ID can be used to Re-Host the installed license to the License Ticket.

WebAdmin - License detail view

WebAdmin - License Monitoring view

License Monitoring displays live view of all installed licenses, containers and their current view.

WebAdmin - License Monitoring

WebAdmin - Diagnostics view

WebAdmin’s Diagnostics view is a live event log for all CodeMeter internal communications to Station-IC and cloud supported WebDepot. This view is only used for troubleshooting purposes.

WebAdmin - Diagnostics

WebAdmin - Configuration

WebAdmin’s Configuration section includes ability to make the WebAdmin remotely accessible as opposed to locally only on the CodeMeter computer.

WebAdmin - Configuration


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