Station-IC & Agent-IC: What is the privacy statement?

How does Clear-Com assure privacy of Station-IC and Agent-IC users?

Clear-Com provides a privacy statement for Station-IC and Agent-IC on our website which provides the formal answer to any Clear-Com privacy questions as well as contact details.

No other sources than the Clear-Com privacy statement ( are suitable to answer the above question. The Clear-Com privacy statement supersedes any and all information that may be implied by Clear-Com or its employees in any and all forms, written or verbal.

The Informal Background:
Station-IC and Agent-IC connect to their Eclipse or LQ host intercom system, exchange login credentials and establish audio streams and data control. This is not forwarded to any other systems.

Station-IC and Agent-IC do have usage logs and ability to connect to Clear-Com’s Cloud Analytic services as well as the appropriate app stores as is allowed by the user or otherwise declared.
Station-IC and Agent-IC collect technical data including operating system and platform, device type, and location. Collected information is used to measure user engagement and may be used to develop and improve the app but is not associated with other identifiers.  While certain other features of the applications may have access to other personal or sensitive user data from your device, neither Clear-Com nor the applications collect, transmit, store or otherwise use such data.