Grandstream SIP Server

How to connect a LQ to a Grandstream SIP Server.  (The following was set up on the Grandstream SIP Server Model UCM6202)


After logging in to the Grandstream SIP Server

  1. Go to the PBX tab.
  2. Click "Create New Extension" then click "Create New SIP Extension"
    1. Give it a four-digit extension
    2. Give it a password (make it easy but unique).  Make sure the same password is in the SIP/IAX field as well as the User Password field.
    3. We are disabling the Voicemail
    4. Give it a label in First Name

Now it is time to connect your LQ to the Grandstream SIP Server

  1. Log in to the LQ.  Make sure it is on the same subnet as the Grandstream server
  2. Click the Accounts tab at the top, then the SIP tab on the left.
  3. Click the Plus icon to add the SIP server connection
    1. Identify this connection with the Label
    2. In Registrar/Proxy/Hostname type in the IP Address or hostname of the Grandstream server
    3. Make sure the port is correctly set
  4. Under accounts click the Plus icon.  This will now add an extension
    1. Give the first extension a label
    2. Enter username, in this case it is the extension number 
    3. Enter password
    4. Choose a LQ Assignment
    5. Click the Checkmark
  5. If you see a green check mark under status then you are connected!  

Before you can call the LQ from a desk phone, you must add the SIP device in the LQ to a channel.  To do this go to the Assignments page in the LQ and add the device.

From a desk phone on the Grandstream server you can now dial this extension and you will connect to the LQ.

You now need to connect your LQ to your Eclipse frame (or 4-wire/2-wire device.)  To do this follow these directions.

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