How are ST2110-30 audio streams defined in EHX

How the audio streams will be defined ? I’m guessing that the multicast addresses are freely configurable? What about the others parameters of the streams? Is it only with 1 audio channel streams, or 2 audio channel streams are also possible?  


Using EHX v12.0

  • We support the SAP protocol and manual entry of SDP file are supported.

  • The IPA card operates to SMPTE-2110-30 conformance level a & b

  • TX Streams can be from 1–4  channels per stream send from the IPA card to other devices

  • RX Streams can be from 1-8 channels   per stream can be received from other devices

  • With up to 64 ST2110-30 streams per card (licensed )


When purchasing a IPA card , remember we license both ports and AES67 streams

You purchase the IPA card port count

Then you over lay it with the AES67 channel license

Additional AES67 licenses can be purchased  for your IPA card. They are sold in blocks of 8 and sit on top of your current port count. Meaning if you have a 32 port card and purchase  1x ADD-AES67 license block, then any 8 of the 32 ports can be set to AES67 mode


We generally ask people to make  1 stream = 1 mono port  therefore simple to understand  (or 1 stream uses 2 mono ports if their  customer works in that way )

The card supports 64 streams (for IPTs , Iris and 3rd party connections ) EHX tells you how many AES67 stream you have used in total per card