How can I convert IVC-32 to IPA using map conversion

Question: We have bought IPA cards to replace our IVC-32 cards. We would like to install them , but want to know if it is possible in a map to switch from an IVC-32 to an IPA card and if EHX would convert all existing IVC-32 ports to the IPA card, automatically.


Answer: Yes it is possible to convert IVC-32 to IPA and keep the ports

The only restriction is that Concert ports are no longer supported by IPA cards

Using EHX V12 go to Tools > Settings and select the “allow move and paste cards” option



Go to Card and ports and right mouse click on the IVC-32 that you wish to convert

after the conversion, set up IPA card as per normal.


Note the IVC-32 card IP Address settings are copied to the IPA Admin/IVC IP settings


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