We have a bunch or your DX100 systems that we use for our cars where we need to talk while driving. 
Issue is the range when using then on film sets when the cars are a few hundred feet apart. 
Do you make repeaters? 
Or have a suggestion for improving the range? 
We need the longest range possible :) 


Sorry we don’t make repeaters. You could enhance coverage by using a different antenna. The stock antenna on your DX product is a 2.4 GHz omni-directional 2dBi antenna. Unfortunately that is all we carry. Many of our customer have used third party products to adjust their RF coverage successfully. With a combination of cabling and different antenna you should have a better experience. With your situation you might want to look at the RF Venue 2.4.Ghz CP beam antenna. It is a Helical antenna with higher gain and designed with mobility in mind. This is not an official product endorsement and is only a suggestion.