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Most partyline manufacturers provide some form of compatibility with Clear-Com systems 

Tecpro / ASL all offer products that are compatible with Clear-Com (in terms that they will connect and pass audio). Call signalling and remote mic kill functions may not be compatible across different bands 

Extract from Tecpro manual
CLEARCOM COMPATIBILITYTecpro COMPATIBILITY: Tecpro stations are completelycompatible completely compatible with Clearcom stations. A Tecpro stations added to Clearcom willfunction will function and visa versa. However, Clearcom stationshave stations have a lower bridging impedance and may degrade a Tecpro system slightly dueto due to a reduction in sidetone stability incurred when a Clearcomoutstation Clearcom outstation is used in a Tecpro communications system. Additionally the Tecpro overridetone override tone may be reduced in effectivenessby in effectiveness by Clearcom stations.