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Headset Master Volume Low Level Limiter
This feature sets a low level limit in order to prevent Freespeak II beltpacks from being turned down so low they cannot be heard.
How this feature is used depends on your preferred working practice: it is possible to turn the volume on the beltpack down so low that all audio is inaudible.
This can cause confusion among the unwary, although some users may want to turn the volume down completely on occasion.
Values: -6, -12, -21, -70 OFF. Default value = -70 OFF. If OFF, incoming audio can be turned down so low it cannot be heard at all.

Matrix Frame:

In Eclipse software v8.5.2 and forward select a beltpack role / Headset and Mic Options to expose the setting:
Select the desired setting -6, -12, -21, -70 and apply the change in EHX apply changes to frame. 

Stand alone base station base II:

In the CCM web browser for a Freespeak II base station 2 system go to Roles / Headset Menu:
Select the desired setting to enable the role (-6, -12, -21, -70db).

The setting can also be changed from the base station 2 front panel menus. 
Note:  If menu access is granted on the FSII beltpack the user can access this setting from the beltpack menus.

Note: This feature effects master volume only and not independent channels.