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This article refers to client hosted licensing of Station-IC, a licensing option where the license is contained on the same computer as Station-IC.

This article does not refer to the alternative Permanent Eclipse Hosted License option.

This article will be updated


  • Single Event licenses should be loaded one at a time. If multiple Event licenses of the same type are loaded by accident , the computer will still be licensed but please contact Clear-Com Support to recover any extra licenses that may have been loaded.

  • Event License duration starts upon first connection to an intercom system following license activation. This way the Event License can be loaded onto the computer during preparation but will only start to deplete when connected to the intercom.

  • Adding multiple Event licenses of the same type (in a single operation), before the duration has expired will not extend the total duration time of the license on the PC.

  • Event Licenses cannot be Re-Hosted to a License Ticket.  Event Licenses are consumable licenses.

  • Countdown, showing the remaining time of the license, is always visible to the users of Event licenses.

Event License - Part Number




Event License: 1 user, 1 Week



Event License: 1 user, 1 Month

Subscription Licenses– for ongoing use
Subscription licenses provide the lowest daily cost for Station-IC. Subscription licenses are sold in 1 year increments and require a Subscription Initiation license which includes the first year of usage and can then be extended with Subscription Extension licenses which each add an incremental year of validity to the operation of Station-IC. 

  • Multiple subscription extension licenses can be loaded onto a single computer for an extended validity. Example: user would like Station-IC for 3 years on a computer, a single subscription initiation license and two subscription extensions licenses can be loaded onto the computer in a single operation.

  • Subscription license validity will start when first activated on a computer. The time of first activation will set the date the operation of Station-IC will stop if not extended with additional licenses.

  • Should there be a gap between a subscription license expiring and an extension being loaded the extension will start from the time the subscription expired.

  • Subscription licenses can be Re-Hosted from the computer back to the License Ticket ID it originated from for storage or re-deployment on a different computer. The license validity (expiry date) will not pause while Re-Hosted back on the License Ticket ID

  • When changing from Subscription License to Event License the subscription license must be removed before installing an Event License.

  • A countdown, showing the remaining time of the license, will be visible to users once 30 days remain of the license.

Subscription License - Part Number




Subscription Initiation: 1 user, 1 Year



Subscription Extension: 1 user, +1 Year

Subscription License Bundles– for bulk purchases of subscription licenses
Subscription Licenses are additionally sold in bundles at a bulk discount.

  • Purchase of a license bundle means multiple licenses can be deployed to multiple computers using a single License Ticket ID.

Subscription License - Part Number




Subscription Initiation: 8 user, 1 Year



Subscription Extension: 8 user, +1 Year


License Delivery

Station-IC licenses are delivered from Clear-Com by email or physical letter and provide the user with a License Ticket ID which can contain multiple licenses that can then be deployed on multiple computers by the holder of the License Ticket ID.